Casino Cruise – Safe, Generous and Pleasant to Play

Casino Cruise invites everybody to participate in an amazing trip aboard a wonderful cruise liner and to win as much as you can! And it guarantees a complete safety on its board. Two most reputable watch dogs take care of your well-being and the safety of all your funds: the Maltese one and the UK one.

It means that whenever you are with Casino Cruise, you can count on a 100% safety because the casino never keeps your funds in the same account with its own money. So, Casino Cruise cannot use your funds for its own purposes, even if it wanted to.

One of the main requirements based on the mentioned licenses is to keep some funds, deposits of players, to be precise, in a separate account of a foundation created to protect gamblers. If CasinoCruise gets bankrupt or for any other reason stops its functioning, you will for sure get your unused deposits back. Do you believe it is safe? Yes, it is, so, you can gamble in CasinoCruise Casino confidently.

If CasinoCruise does something that doesn’t comply with the rules, you can complain to one of the licenses issuing bodies or even to both of them, and they might even terminate the casino`s license. But practically, any casino, including CasinoCruise, will try to solve all the issues in a friendly way. Hence, all the issues should be solved without any major stress for you.

The games that you play are safe, as well. Fair games are one of the requirements based on the license. So, all of them are eCOGRA tested and certified. It means, that you should not doubt whether the casino can adjust games results or influence on them somehow to make you lose. All the results are provided based on the RNG, the Random Number Generator, and depend on your luck only.

Nobody can adjust them in any way, even the casino itself. And to make sure it stays like this, eCOGRA representatives provide a constant audit of all the games. Only if the results are satisfying the casino is allowed to continue its activities.

Some users are worried about their safety, or rather the safety of their data when they provide online their personal information or moreover, their financial information. That’s why special measures exist to prevent data loss and misuse by criminals.

One of the common and the most efficient ways to protect all your data is the application of a special encryption software, so called SSL certificate. The software encrypts all the data that you are providing online. It means that all your information, each sign is replaced by special symbols. So, even if somebody steals your data, he/she gets a string of some symbols that do not mean anything. And to decrypt it, the criminal might need ages and super powerful, hence, super expensive equipment.

Cruise Casino is for gambling in a responsible way. That’s why on its website you can not only find some questionnaires to help you to assess whether you might be threatened by gambling addiction but also find the contacts of all the relevant bodies and organizations that can help you to assess your condition professionally and to suggest treatment methods if gambling addiction is detected.

And for those who want to keep their playing activities under control exists such an option as setting up limitations and even an option of self-exclusion. The first option is setting up limits for deposits or timeframe when one can play. And the second option is about a complete self-excluding of a player from gambling, usually for a certain period.

Software Used by Cruise Casino and Games That Can Be Played There

Here, we have found just a lot of names of the most popular and even rarer software providers. Of course, we were not surprised to see such names as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play N` Go, NYX, but what really surprised us is the presence of such development companies as Lucky Streak or Red Tiger for example, because they are less known. Well, we believe, they had something special to offer and the CasinoCruise Casino could simply not resist the offer. Ok, that’s why this casino is one of the leaders in the industry, right?

Slots Number Is Stunning!

Slots are the most favorite games of many players, so, it is not a surprise that a high-class online casino has a huge selection of them. More than 1,300 games can be played online. It means, all the popular slots names are there along with the most attractive new releases.

  • 3-reels slots? CruiseCasino knows that many players still love them because they don’t have any special rules and are super fun! Of course, you can find them in excess on
  • 5-reels slots are also there. None modern casino can exist without these slots, so Cruise Casino could not leave them out. Yep, the number of paylines depends on your financial abilities and only on them: there are as many of them as you can activate. You would like to get some thousands of paylines? No problem at all, just pay for their activation and enjoy!
  • Video slots – they are a real treat for gamblers. You just plunge into the game world, with all its adventures, inhabitants, dangers and awards. We love awards most of all, of course, and you can find plenty of them. Your character will fight bad enemies, complete complicated missions, unlock new levels and discover huge treasures. And who knows, maybe those treasures will once become your reality! A high-quality computer game can be compared with a video game of a casino, but in casino, you also play with money and, hence, you win money.
  • Progressive jackpots are there! Cruise Casino could not have missed them, because no cruise is complete without millions. And if the mentioned millions can be yours… Well, try to win them! In the CasinoCruise Casino, everything is possible!

Table Games No Cruise Is Complete Without Them!

How many table games do you need to feel happy? CacinoCruise Casino has less table games than slots, but all of them are definitely worth your utmost attention. Would you like to try the most fascinating baccarat games? They are waiting for you, with potential winnings that can provide you with careless life for at least a couple of months.
Is roulette your passion? Wow, on, you can find the most interesting versions of roulette, any kind that you might want to play is available. Place your bet and watch the wheel spin, maybe this time, you will get your millions to your player`s account!
Blackjack, the game of all times, all social classes is there, as well. We are sure you want to try it, and has all the options that you might like.
Hold`em, one more popular game of all the times, of course, you can gamble a couple of rounds to see if luck is on your side today. And even if not, it is a fun to play this popular game, so, a lot of joy and entertainment is guaranteed in any case.

Live Casino Is Stunning

If you love realistic experiences, Live Casino is the best option for you. And to tell the truth, we were just amazed by a live option that we found on It is not only about the quantity of games, it is about their quality and variety. Evolution Gaming and NetEnt provide live studios for CasinoCruise Casino. And we have got an impression that the casino just picked up all the best choices:

  • Roulette, in all its common and the most unusual variations can be played in one of the richly adorned studios;
  • Backjack in just plenty of options, we even didn’t manage to check all of them, is available;
  • The same story is with Baccarat, with such a selection, we doubt you will ever need to look for something else;
  • Dices! Games are available live, with real live dealers! Have you ever met it in some other casino? Well, we haven’t seen it so often, so, we needed to try it. And it was just something incredible!
  • Poker lobbies, some of them for the most common poker kinds can be played live with humorous and friendly dealers.

Some other games are available, so, you might just open the Live section and try all of them, one by one. Do you love Monopoly, or do you prefer deals? Well, just research properly, we are sure you will find all that you might ever want, because casinocruise took care of everything to make its clients feel in the best way. Can we tell that is one of the best live casinos 2021? Sure we can!

Take Your Mobile Device on Cruise – Mobile Casino Is Available!

If you wish a victory in the best game too much to leave gambling even for a while, do not forget to take your mobile with you. All you need to play on-the-go is to download a mobile app from Google or App Store, depending on the device you use. The Cruise mobile app runs super smoothly on Android and Windows Phones, and on iOS mobile devices, of course.
No, there is no need in a specialist, you can do all on your own. Just find the app, click on it and follow the instructions. Just do what they ask. Ready? Now, login to your account and start with your first victory on a mobile device.
Bonuses, such as no deposit bonus, a sign up bonus, free spins, and so on, all of them are available, you are playing basically from your account that you use for desktop. And no, your mobile app doesn’t support all the games, but the best games are definitely there. You will not feel any shortage for sure, we promise it.

Bonuses Are Designed to Make Your Cruise a Memorable Experience

A welcome bonus means something extraordinary by Cruise casino. Actually, the company is welcoming all the new players during the first 4 deposits, and even with that, bonuses are not over. Well, everybody should enjoy the Cruise, and it is impossible without bonuses.

So, welcome bonus looks as follows:

  • 1st deposit, min 10 Euro – 100% bonus up to 200 Euro + 200 free spins, no deposit bonus; no promo code 2021 is requested;
  • 2nd deposit, min 10 Euro – 50% bonus up to 200 Euro; no free spins; promo code 2021 is WCRUISE2
  • 3rd deposit, min 10 Euro – 25% bonus up to 300 Euro; no free spins; promo code 2021 is WCRUISE3
  • 4th deposit, min 10 Euro – 25% bonus up to 300 Euro; no free spins; promo code 2021 is WCRUISE4.

With this, your signup bonus can reach up to 1,000 Euro and 200 free spins. Wagering requirements? Well, they apply even during the best cruises, and here, you need to wager your bonus 40x before you can cash out any winnings. Well, it is not so much indeed, and consider also that you have your bonus bucks divided into some parts. We sincerely believe that it is a very generous and a very loyal sign up bonus.

Special Bonuses for Blackjack Fans

If you love Blackjack, do not forget to collect special cards! You will get money with them. Well, the sums are not huge, but why not receiving some bucks if you can do it just by gambling your favorite game? And in addition, Cruise Casino gives you a ticket to participate in draws, where you can win another 1,000 Euros. This offer is valid for Blackjack fans only, so, you can feel special indeed.

Cashback! The Casino Gives Your Money Back

To be precise, the casino gives just 10% of your deposits per week back. This weekly cashback can be up to 200 Euros only, but it is just nice and so motivating to get some of your funds that you considered to be lost back to your account.

Live Casino Offers Something for Its Clients

To be precise, Cruise Live casino treats all their players with a 100 Euros bonus from the first deposit. Of course, you can use it in live casino only, but it is logical, isn`t it? And the most pleasant thing is that you need to deposit just 10 Euro to get the bonus. So, play and enjoy, and do not forget to read the bonus conditions!

Lucky Fish Gives Bonuses!

Make a deposit and select your amount for the bonus. Select the bonus from the options provided by the Fish and enjoy it while playing the nicest slots.

Monday Is Still the Bad Day? Forget About It with Cruise Casino!

If you still don’t like Mondays, it is time to end this habit. We just loved them, these bad luck Mondays, when we started our cruise with the casino. Every Monday, you get a 25% bonus from your deposit and 10 free spins. No, you don’t need to do anything, just get the money and enjoy your favorite games.

Monthly Bonuses for Additional Motivation

Each month starts with a new motivation for all the players, just do not forget to make a deposit. 2 bonuses, 50% each one from your deposit are waiting for you. That’s a nice start, isn`t it? With Casino Cruise, we started loving our week-starts and month-starts.

Weekend Gifts to Make Your Weekend the Best One

Every weekend brings you a special gift from your casino. You don’t need to do anything to get them, just make deposits and enjoy the best games. The casino will award you with a nice gift just because you are a special client and you deserve it.

VIP Program for Selected Players

VIP is available for invited players only but this is not a problem because Cruise Casino invites you as soon as you collect the needed quantity of loyalty points. How do you collect them? Come on, just enjoy your preferred games, play them, make deposits, win and lose. Loyalty points will be credited to your account automatically. And as soon as you reach the needed number, a casino representative will contact you with an invitation.

There are different levels for a VIP player to achieve. And with each level, your privileges are going to be increased, starting from a personal manager, exclusive weekly and birthday bonuses and presents and a shorter response time if you need assistance up to increased cashbacks, special bonuses based on your needs and preferences, and similar. All in all, this VIP program promises a lot, and we believe that you are going to enjoy it at full.

Something Else?

Yes, there are many things you should know about the Casino Cruise bonuses. They are around constantly, in almost every game. Do you want 55 free spins as a no deposit bonus? Or maybe not 55 free spins but just 10? Or maybe you prefer some cash bonus? Check your favorite games, you might find something really surprising there. A coupon code is something else that should be mentioned. A coupon code is usually sent to your mail or a mobile device via an SMS and is used to get some special bonus. They are not available to anyone, just the favorite players can get them. Did you receive one from Cruise? You can be proud of it, it means that the casino distinguishes you among other players.

Support Options Are as Follows

You can expect some superior service form a casino of such a category. And how right you are! Cruise Casino took care to provide its clients with the safest and the friendliest atmosphere ever, and customer support contributes to it greatly.

  • Live chat is there, just one click away from you if you have an urgent matter and need clarifications or a professional advice immediately.
  • A Contact Us option provides you with one more opportunity to get in touch with a casino representative. Fill it in and ask your question, you will get a response asap.
  • Do you like talking to someone, not chatting? No problem, call the casino representative! A phone number is available, and a Cruise Casino representative is waiting for your call right now!
  • Finally, if there are things to describe and to discuss, you can always write a mail. Describe your issue in the smallest details, explain what you need and get a detailed reply. Of course, we do not recommend to use this option if the issue is really urgent.
  • Finally, you can check the FAQ section if your matter is more general. It is very possible that your issue has been already described and explained.

Payment Options Depend on Your Locations

If you check properly, there are different Cruise Casino website options for different regions, and the payment options will differ accordingly. However, all of them are pretty standard:

  • Bank cards vs. bank accounts, available both for deposits and withdrawals, except Mastercard, Maestro, which can be used for funding your account only;
  • E-wallets, most of them are available. You can be sure that if a wallet name is depicted in a list for your location, it works in your country and you can use it. be careful though with Skrill and Neteller: the deposits made from them do not qualify for your first 4 deposit bonuses and for some more bonuses. All in all, if you count on bonuses, you better avoid these wallets.
  • Prepaid cards are accepted which is a huge advantage to the casino. Many casinos don’t want to deal with this option believing it is too troublesome. But Casino Cruise is ok with it, as we see. It tells a lot about the company, we mean it is definitely a positive feature.

You can cash out up to 22,000 USD per month, so, if you win some millions, it will take time for you to get them. Pity but the truth.

As well, any review would warn you to verify your account immediately when you open it. The reason is very logical: if you need money urgently, even if you have some thousands in your account, you will not be able to get them before a verification procedure is over. So, it is better to do it in advance.

Our Verdict on Casino Cruise

Our review is coming to its end, and we believe our research was rather productive. So, how much is the victory in the Casino Cruise? The prices may vary, but the minimum is just 10 Euros, or sterling, or USD, to start with playing for real money. If you want to win more, the prices will be growing. However, the casino offers nice options even for a very modest budget, so, you can try even if you don’t have thousands of Euros.

Two licenses, the Maltese and the UK ones, guarantee that the casino is serious about its business. In regard to games Cruise Casino can be called a princess among the casinos, so many games it offers and in such a great variety.

The number of restricted countries is not big, and all thanks to the licenses. However, the casino can serve the clients from England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the European Union. To all of them, Cruise Casino offers wonderful bonuses and special promotions.

So, we would definitely give all 5 stars out of 5 to Cruise, because we enjoyed everything about it, without a single exception.

David Alston